a different PERSPECTIVE. 

A New perspective has just entered the Photography and Video market. More and More people are wanting photos from the air. Family Portraits, property and land, weddings and events. Marz Media now own Numerous Gimbal-based Drones. With this new technology we can get High Quality, stable cameras up in the air, that can capture a massive resolution of 4K for video and 12mp Stills. The drones use the latest Gimbal Technology, which enables video to be silky smooth, even in windy weather. 

We recently visited the small island of Antigua, where we were filming a short film using the drones. The short aerial video above shows a couples wedding day, capturing the gorgeous island and setting in which they got married. Of cause, an entire wedding couldn't be shot with a drone, but for a short like this, it's perfect. It's also a great example to show the amazing quality and stable flight our drones can have, even on a windy day next to the beach.